The Creation Bunch

Welcome to the newest online Biblical Creation Science Resource Center (or centre depending on where you went to school). Here at the Creation Bunch ‘The Bunchernator’ (that’s me!) selects and collects articles of creationary science evidence from around the world. Why? Because creationary science is the most reasonable and logical view of our origins and I want the world to know it. I also collect articles that give the evidence as to why Darwinian evolutionary stories – which includes the stories of today’s neo-darwinism – are so fatally flawed. 

You may have noticed that I don’t have a comments section on any of the articles. That’s simply because I believe that if I didn’t write the articles I have no right to answer for the actual authors – who are very often Ph.D scientists (and I am not). So, if you’d like to contact the author of an article, click the link to read the full article and that will take you to the original source.

Also, even though most of the articles have footnotes at their original location, I have not to include them on Creation Bunch – again, refer to the originals for this information.

Oh, and don’t forget to become part of the Creation Bunch; you can become a ‘Grapeling’ by signing up to receive article posts by email, or you can follow via your WordPress account (see the widgets bottom of the page) and also follow me on twitter.

And, biggest blessings to all my newest Grapelings. Yes, it’s true, you have joined the best Bunch on the internet!

A final note in regards to image credit: I try my best to locate the original source of the images that I use and where possible I have included that source at the bottom of each article. If I have missed a credit please let me know the details of the required credit and the article in question. I will then include it where it should be. Thanks in advance, The Bunchernator.

RECOGNIZING the Biblical God is omnipotent (all powerful), omniscience (all knowing), and omnipresent (present everywhere.)

PROCLAIMING the Truth and authority of the Word of God, the Holy Bible, written by the Holy Spirit’s inspiration, even though the pen was held by men.

LEADING all to the knowledge that Lord Jesus Christ is Creator, Sustainer and Redeemer of the world.

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