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10 Fantastic Books to Understand Genesis

Falling Down a Rabbit Hole

by Thomas Purifoy Jr.

When I produce a documentary, I like to do all the research myself. 

The problem I faced with Genesis, however, is that I wasn’t researching just one subject; I was researching thirty.  They included complex topics such as stratigraphy, baraminology, hermeneutics, genetics, and cosmology (to name a few).  There’s a good reason experts have PhD’s in a single area: when you dive into these subjects, it’s like falling down a rabbit hole.

But you can learn a lot by jumping in and looking around.

That’s one of my take-away’s from this project: if you truly want to understand these subjects, you have to roll up your sleeves and jump in. The world God created is impossibly complex, and most scientists will admit they only understand a fraction of it. But you can understand part of it. You just have to start somewhere.

Here are 10 books I found extremely helpful in my ‘falling’ process:


the new creationism book image

The New Creationism – Paul Garner – This is the single best overview of all the topics in the creation/evolution debate.  It’s not terribly long, but provides an excellent guide to the main issues. A great place to begin learning about these topics; also great for high school students. 


Earth's Catastrophic Past

Earth’s Catastrophic Past (2 volumes) – Andrew Snelling, PhD– Every creationist should own a copy of this set. It was one of the most important books I read to create our film. Dr. Snelling is a clear writer, so even though it includes a lot of technical detail, it’s also one of the most comprehensive looks at Genesis. It includes extensive material on geology, fossils, plate tectonics, radioisotopes, the Bible, and much, much more.

Footprints in the Ash – Steve Austin, PhD – This slim book provides a good overview of Dr. Austin’s work and research at Mount St. Helens. Filled with fascinating photographs, it accurately shows what happened at the volcano, then explains what that means for understanding the natural history of the earth. (It’s similar to the material included in Beyond Is Genesis History? Rocks & Fossils.

faith reason earth history book image

Faith, Reason & Earth History, 3rd Ed – Leonard Brand, PhD and Arthur Chadwick, PhD – This is actually a textbook that could be used by a high school or college student, although it is also a good introduction to understand science from a paradigmatic perspective. The book spends a third on understanding science, a third on biology, and a third on geology. It presents the issues fairly and show the challenges on all sides. 



Devotional Biology – Kurt Wise, PhD – Dr. Kurt Wise wrote this unique volume to integrate a Christian worldview with the biological sciences. What makes it so incredible is that he enables you to rethink natural science and history from a Christian perspective, thereby transforming how we see the worldI cannot overstate the importance of this book: it is transformative…


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