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Dr. Tas Walker

Engineer goes back to school

by CMI

Tas Walker has a Bachelor of Engineering with first class honours and a doctorate in mechanical engineering. He has been involved in the planning, design and operation of power stations for over 20 years with the electricity industry in Queensland, Australia. He has visited many coal mines in Queensland, for geological assessments of new fuel supplies for power stations. Tas also helped organise conferences including one of the Simulation Society of Australia One of his contributions has been to develop models for various aspects of the power industry such as the coordinated operation of the system and construction of power stations.

In 1994, Dr Walker returned to university study, and completed a Bachelor of Science majoring in Earth Science, followed by First Class Honours in 1998.

Tas has also set up an internet site about geology and the Bible. A biblical framework of geology leads to a new appreciation of the environments and processes of different geological phases. The site describes the basis of this model and a practical application to the Great Artesian Basin of Australia.

On 18 January 1999, Tas joined the full-time staff of the ministry which is now Creation Ministries International in Brisbane….

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Engineer goes back to school

Don Batten chats with geologist Dr Tas Walker

Doctor Tas Walker worked as an engineer for 30 years for electricity companies that operated coal-fired power stations. They also operated hydroelectric generators and generators powered by large jet engines. He planned future power stations, investigating combined cycle plants, wind generators, nuclear energy, coal seam methane, pumped storage, solar energy and many other technologies…

He says, ‘Most people have little idea of the technological “miracle” involved in supplying energy to their homes. Modern power stations highlight the immense difference between humans and animals. Evolutionists claim that we descended from apes, but the Bible says we are created in the image of God. You don’t find the apes building power stations.’ …

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